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5 Types of People you only see in Betting Shops

Betting online, is cool and has its advantages but nothing can ever replace the feeling of placing bets physically in a shop.

And that is mostly down to the wide array of different personalities who patronise these shops and make it fun to visit betting shops.

The analysts

Just as they are scattered around football viewing centres, pseudo sports analysts can also be found in every betting shop in Nigeria.

You know those types that always have something to say about every game? They know every relevant stat and will argue passionately but somehow still don’t win tickets regularly.

The longshot merchants

Even as this article is being written, there’s certainly at least one person in a betting shop loading up a code to print a 40-game accumulator.

There’s no convincing these people that it is unlikely their 100 Naira stake will ever materialise into millions in winnings but they keep trying anyway.

The quiet winners

Every time you see these guys, they are cashing out. They usually have no time or interest in arguments or anything else but to play and win their betting tickets.

They also don’t make noise about their winnings mostly to avoid billing which is a smart move because that is the fastest way to lose money at a betting shop.

The billers

Speaking of losing money in betting shops, this category of bettors does that better than anyone else. Billers pretty much live in the betting shops, they are there all day every day, constantly betting and losing on football and virtual markets.

And when they inevitably run out of money, they look to get more from whoever is around at the time, especially those who have just won a bet.

The hindsight people

We all know one person that always knows the right bet but only seems to realise it after the game is over. They say hindsight is the best sight and this category of bettors have taken it literally. 카지노사이트킹

They pick the home team to win the game but as soon as the game ends with any other result, they swear they knew the away team would win the whole time, you know these people.